Change of feet at the Waihōanga Centre

In some ways there’s been a lot of change at the Waihōanga Centre over the last few months. The previous owner, Felicity, has moved to the South Island and started a beautiful new adventure there, and new owners, Andy and Rhian, have moved in. Thankfully Valamaya and Serene have stayed around, easing the transition, helping us learn the ropes and introducing us to friends we hadn’t yet met. More importantly, Valamaya has ensured a consistency for anyone wanting to make a booking, and Serene keeps the property looking and feeling wonderful and loved.

In other ways, things haven’t changed so much. People who have visited year after year keep returning. We hear stories about how it has changed over the years, happy memories of parties and hui, we hear anecdotes about things we could have never known otherwise. There is a real sense that the Waihōanga Centre was created to build and support community, and continues to do so, whoever might happen to live in the main house that year.

We have been visited not only by people who have been coming here for the past twenty years, but also by a wonderful gentleman, approaching his 90th birthday, who told us what this property was like when he was growing up here, 84 years ago, when his father ran a saw-mill here.

We look forward to learning more, exploring further back into the history of this land and its people.

The property, we are glad to say, retains its magic and enchantment. We’ve brought in a few changes that we hear good things about: three new ovens in the kitchen and new fridges on their way; a gorgeous private cabin now available for rent; another cabin about to be built in the camping field; yummy linen and fresh towels supplied with all bookings; and a complete overhaul of equipment and systems at the ropes course. We’ve also updated the website to reflect this next era. We don’t want to lose the magic and the stories, however, so encourage anyone who has enjoyed their time here to share a story or experience here on our Waihōanga blog, to advertise an event that you might be hosting here in future, or simply to pop by for a cuppa if you happen to be passing. We’ll always be happy to see you.