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Waihōanga staying safe

We hope you and your whānau are healthy and safe. We want you to know about the steps that Waihōanga is taking as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We were not able to open while the country was in Level 4 or Level 3 lockdown. At Level 1 and 2, our greatest concern always remains the health, safety and well-being of our guests. While we fully appreciate the need to reduce and slow the spread of the virus, we also understand the need for social events to continue in a safe and respectful way, when the situation allows. We therefore have decided to remain open for guests who wish to continue with their plans, while offering options for others to reschedule. This could be for a quieter, smaller or shorter event with friends, family, colleagues or students who you already spend time with, or are comfortable spending time with.

Things that we’ve always done and will continue to do:

  • Professional cleaning of all spaces thoroughly between bookings.
  • Completely strip all beds that have been slept in, and clean all linen and towels with a professional laundry service.
  • Make the venue only available to one group at a time, regardless of size.

Things we have introduced as a result of Covid-19:

  • Increasing the amount of hand sanitizer available such that there is enough for all rooms and spaces, especially the bathrooms and kitchen area.
  • Increasing the number of sleeping areas available to a booking to reduce the number of guests sharing a room.
  • Providing the option for confirmed bookings to postpone (ie, you won’t lose your deposit) in the event of a Covid-related cancellation.
  • Creating a new, cheaper, accommodation package for up to 12 people. This includes eight indoor sleeping spaces (four single occupancy and four double occupancy).
  • Providing an opportunity for new bookings to receive a full refund in the event they decide to cancel due to Covid-19 related reasons.

We also ask any bookings that intend to go ahead to please contact all guests in advance and ask that they do not participate if they

  • Are in a vulnerable or high risk group (eg elderly or compromised immune system)
  • Have been in contact with anyone known to be infected with Covid-19
  • Are feeling in any way unwell, including mild symptoms of a common cold.
  • In the event that bookings have to be cancelled due to Level 3/4 restrictions coming into place, we offer a full refund to confirmed bookings or the option to reschedule at a future date.

    As ever, if you have any concerns or questions – or would like to make an enquiry – please send an email use our contact form or email [email protected].