Farewell to our High Ropes

We look forward to the next step

Sadly we have come to the difficult decision to remove our ropes course. The trees have reached an age where we are no longer 100% satisfied that having the course is in the best interests of everyone’s safety and well-being.

The good news is that this means we are freeing up a large area of the property and we want to replace the ropes course with a new activity that will offer an experience of nature, the elements and the beauty of the area. This is still an area we are exploring and will keep you all posted as the ideas develop.

Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the ropes course over the 20+ years it has been in operation.

It has been wonderful having so many people, young and old, hanging on the end of a rope 20 feet in the air. We have loved the opportunity to offer this sense of adventure and learning and look forward to the next stage of the journey.

There are still many people in the area that offer activities and adventure.

Please check out this page to find out some of the things available – Activities in the Otaki Gorge area.

Remember that Waihōanga is so much more than just the ropes course. Have a look around our website and explore what else we have to offer.